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When you are gone, who will take care of your family? It is a tough question to ask, and an even tougher one to answer. Making sure your family is cared for financially in case you pass away prematurely, is important for your peace of mind and their wellbeing. The Malloy Insurance Group Inc. wants to help you find the right coverage at the lowest cost. We are licensed with all the major companies you see on TV and more. These are the lowest cost Term Life policies on the market today.

Why Should I Choose Malloy Insurance Group Inc.?

Because life insurance is so important, you need to be presented with multiple options to meet your needs. The Malloy Insurance Group Inc. is licensed with every major life insurance carrier to offer the lowest cost term life insurance for our Missouri residents. You have options for a fully underwritten policy which has the lowest cost or immediate issue that takes only 10 minutes to issue a policy! Getting a quote is simple, choose the amount of coverage you want, the number of years, and our software will show you which company has the lowest cost. It is that simple! And you will have a LOCAL advisor that can answer any questions you may have.

Understanding Which Health Class to Choose Your Rates!

All quotes with ANY Term Life insurance company is an Estimate! Your choices are Preferred Plus, Preferred, Standard Plus, Standard, or rated. What most of the rates you see on TV or other outlets are for a Preferred Plus rating. Which is the lowest possible rates. But, only about 15% of the population qualify for the lowest rates. To help you get the estimate that fits your health and lifestyle class, we will ask you a few questions to help narrow the estimated premium class you may qualify for. We feel it is important for you to understand the difference in Classes and rates.

A Provider You Can Trust

The needs of your family are a priority. When it comes to long term planning you can’t afford to overlook the details. Planning for the unexpected is something that every responsible family needs to do. With the Malloy Insurance Group Inc., we have been serving Missouri for over 30 years helping family get their financial business in order. We are NOT just an 800# you call, our advisors are local and have your family's best interest as heart!

Just fill out the Term Life Quote form and we will get to work for you to find the best policy that fits you and your family's needs.