Index Universal Life Insurance

Tax Free Retirement Strategies that take off the table RISKS that can wreak havoc on your retirement income.

  • Inflation 
  • Taxes
  • Withdrawal Rate
  • Order of Returns
  • Market Risk
  • Longevity
  • Premature Death


  • Tax Free Growth
  • Tax Free Withdrawals
  • Upside Market gains and All GAINS are locked in
  • NO losses due to down markets
  • Low cost compared to traditional financial vehicles
  • Retirement plan completed with premature death 

Our core beliefs

  1. Don’t Lose Money - You have a limited amount of cash that will flow through your hands during the course of your life. That means it’s a limited resource, and any
    time you have a limited resource, you simply can’t afford to lose any of it. Protecting this valuable resource is number one on my list. It could take years just to get back to even from a financial loss—and there is no guarantee that you’ll ultimately fully recover, because time is also a limited resource. Bottom line: don’t lose money and you’ll never worry about the time it takes to make up for the losses.

  2. Cash Flow is Vital - Opportunities are available for people who can put their hands on cash and take advantage of situations. While we dream of winning the lottery, very few financial success stories are “Rags to Riches.” Most of them are about the person that had an idea and also had access to the cash to put that idea in play. I believe that keeping your money in a place where it is accessible and still growing is critical. Cash flow is income through liquidity, use, and control. When you are in control of your cash flow, it opens the door to a host of opportunities.

  3. Never Interrupt Compounding -It takes a skilled person to position their money in such a way that it is continually growing. Consistent growth and annual compounding will outperform erratic and unpredictable speculative risk. One of the most common mistakes Americans make with regard to their finances is the failure to understand how truly powerful compounding interest is. It’s easy to see the benefits of compounding interest when you look at a chart showing exponential growth. Unfortunately, most people drain their accounts on big purchases with short-sighted instant gratification rather than doing the math and realizing the amazing power of compounding interest. The world has us trained to spend and pay interest rather than save and earn interest. Keeping your money working for you at all times is key. Continuous compounding is part of the miracle.

  4. Taxes Matter-it’s impossible to avoid taxes, but you can, and should do everything you can to minimize them. Every dollar of yours that goes to Uncle Sam costs you not just that dollar, but all the dollars you would have made on the interest compounded over time. Paying unnecessary taxes has a significant impact on your financial future. Taxes are the largest single expense you will ever have! Taxes matter and they’ll be going up. It is essential to your financial health to be able to manage tax risk as effectively as possible.

Please CLICK THE LINK BELOW and you will learn everything you need to know to understand exactly how the IUL works and the benefits to you.  Once you have finish watching, email or call to let me show you how this program will look in your retirement planning. I look forward to talking with you and answer any additional questions you may have.