Our mission is to help educate every client and consumer so they can make educated choices when it comes to their insurance portfolio.

When you add up all the money that you, the consumers, spend on personal and business insurance, it can be thousands of dollars a year! We want to put that money to work for YOU! We will show you how to use that money as efficiently as possible, to put YOU in control of your policies, with coverage that will protect your personal financial well being. And, at the same time, give you contractual Guarantees not to increase your rates when you need to use your coverage the most.

Client Centered

We want to earn your business and be your insurance advisor. We are NOT some 800#, where you deal with someone different every time you call, where they are just looking to pedal a policy and have no personal interest in your financial well being. We will work with you and be dedicated to continue educating you as the industry changes, or when new options become available, so that you are well informed to make the right choices or changes for your situation.

We have been in business since 1985, educating and giving our clients peace of mind that they have the right coverage and benefits to maximize their personal and business insurance programs. We feel that an educated consumer is the best consumer!

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